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The Great Fear

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Corruption of Church and Government

The Catholic Church has been forced to make changes several times in its history, but never as drastically as the French Revolution.  This war forced the church to realize how corrupt it had become, just like it did in the days of Martin Luther.  The French Revolution left many men dead, because they fought for what they believed was right, for the purity of their country and to allow equality among the people. 

Overall the Great Fear was an important even that led to the destruction of absolutism and the "freedom" of the French from an unfair government.


Basic Information

The W's.

What:  The Great Fear
When:  July 20 - August 6
Where:  France
Who:  French government vs. French people
Why:  The nobility and church were living easily while the poor were starving to death.  The middle class was gone because of the vast seperation between rich and poor.

A historian's view of Night of 4 August

"The Assembly was carried away by its enthusiasm, and in this enthusiasm nobody remarked the clause for redeeming the feudal rights and tithes, which the two nobles and the two bishops had introduced into their speeches — a clause terrible even in its vagueness, since it might mean all or nothing, and did, in fact, postpone [hellip;] the abolition of feudal rights for four years."

-Prince Peter Kropotkin

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